2015 Annual Review: New Places And Experiences
December 23, 2015
In 2015 I was lucky to visit Amsterdam

Hello, everyone! Finally, I decided to launch my blog. This is something I wanted to do for years but never had a chance to make a start. I have the intention to post here on a regular basis so watch out this space for more updates.

As it is the end of December I think the best way to start off with the annual review to summarise what happened in 2015. I decided to use the format of the Annual Review created by Chris Guillebeau. Chris has been using it for the last nine years to look back at life events that happened within the last year and to make a plan for the coming year. Hopefully, the Annual Review will help me to create the roadmap for the next year.

Following Chris’s example I am going to answer two questions:

  • What went well this year?
  • What did not go well this year?

What Went Well in 2015

This year I continued to travel because I love going abroad and visiting new places. In 2015, I managed to visit Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Dublin and a few amazing cities I have already been to in Ukraine including Lviv and Kyiv. I tend to go to Ukraine once a year to see my family and friends. Therefore, I am trying to explore Ukraine as much as I can and of course to meet friends who are living in different cities around the country.

I became British. Applying for British Citizenship was tough and expensive. Basically, it is a good money-making process for The Home Office. It was a very special day, especially the fact that the citizenship ceremony took place on the first of April (no jokes). God Save the Queen and keep the flag waving.

I started going to the gym managing to keep the regular schedule of early training sessions for nearly three months. Some of my friends know that I do not even lift, but I am attempting to lift and can’t wait to go back to the gym in January.

Balancing between University, part-time work and other things wasn’t easy, but I managed well and even found time for procrastination.

I got a place on Study China Programme. The programme is funded by the UK Government department for Business, Innovation and Skills. Going to China has always been one of my dreams and it will become a reality in March 2016. I will be learning Chinese Mandarin for three weeks at Zhejiang University. I will be blogging about it a lot so hold on for more updates.

What Did Not Go Well in 2015

I had an amazing beginning of the year, but then I lost a couple of good friends. I had to realise that life goes on and I have to move on no matter what.

I did not read as many books as I wanted. University took more of my time than I expected and it is really good to be studying, but I would love to find more time to read more.

Looking back at this year I understand that time management skills have to be improved. I procrastinated hard, but I worked harder. I was distracted quite a lot, but I know that I can do more.

Money was a bit of an issue as I had to make choices and prioritise. I want more than I can afford and it is something I have to work on.


2015 was a great year and it brought a lot of changes to my life. I know that 2016 will be challenging and exciting. I already can’t wait for it. I will be blogging more in 2016. Just wait for it.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thanks for being awesome!

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