What are you going to take away from the room you don’t belong in?
March 11, 2016
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Just like some people have done with their placements I’m happy to announce that I went to an assessment centre for Eaton Corporation, and I didn’t get the job. I had an IQ test, two group presentations and written assignment. All in 5 hours. It was tiring and brutal! (Not brutal in the way for someone to die though).

On the other hand, it’s good to know that you were selected out of three thousand people who applied for the same position, but they only invited 6% of candidates to the assessment. Moreover, sometimes you find out that companies you’ve never heard about are represented in 175 countries across the globe.

Entrepreneur and social media guru Gary Vaynerchuk once said that the best way to belong in the room is by first entering the room you don’t belong in. That’s exactly what I did by entering that room. I didn’t feel like I would belong in that room but all it took me just to try. In my opinion, our lives consist of rooms we don’t belong in. Every day we enter rooms that not necessary make us feel like we belong there. The only question is: “What are we taking away from them?”

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