Edinburgh through the lens of a film camera
August 24, 2016
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The second year in a row I am lucky to visit Edinburgh in August. It is a special month for Edinburgh because it is time for Edinburgh Fringe. The whole city transforms into a big set with hundreds of venues for performances including comedy, theatre, music, spoken word and much more.

The best thing about Edinburgh Fringe is atmosphere as the population of the city increases significantly with like-minded people. Moreover, the festival offers lots of free shows where you can pay as much as you want at the end of the show. I will write a separate post sharing my experience of the play Counting Sheep about 2014 Ukrainian revolution.

In this post, you can see some of the photographs I took in Edinburgh using Praktica LTL on Jessops Diamond Everyday 400iso film with two lenses – Helios 44-2 and Pentacon 1.8/50. I have been into film photography for a while but got into it even more with a few recent purchases. I was lucky enough to buy two film cameras with three lenses at a local car boot sale in Bury. I managed to get them for £5 which is a fantastic price.

I can’t wait to go back to Scotland next year for 70th Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

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