Why you should choose Airbnb over hotel for your next journey
February 19, 2016
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More and more people enjoy traveling and discovering new places. It has become easy to reach beautiful destinations especially with the availability of budget airlines and affordable rates on other airlines. Usually, the most expensive part of any trip is of course accommodation. If you are like me and love to take care of your travels independently, you should try Airbnb.

I am surprised how many people haven’t heard of Airbnb. I have used it to stay in different cities and countries, at least, five times and every time I had a superior experience. It is comfortable and safe. Just choose where you want to go, a number of people traveling with you, dates of travel and preferred amenities. You also get a choice between renting an entire apartment or private room which means that you are likely to share the property with a host. I have tried both with every stay being amazing. Moreover, on the website, you would find castles, boats, manors, tree houses, igloos, private islands and other properties. Honestly, there is no limit for your travels.

Airbnb itself represents a great community of hosts and travelers. When I was staying in Prague, the host gave me lots of tips on best places to visit in the city. In Rome, the host served delicious organic breakfast with a mixture of various nuts and fruits. In Edinburgh, I stayed with a filmmaker who shared with me lots of interesting stories.

Three reasons to consider Airbnb:

  • It’s cheaper than most hotels. Additionally, you have better choices of the area where you would like to stay.
  • You will meet amazing hosts. You are not likely to find friends for life, but you will get good tips on what to do in the city from locals.
  • Photos of properties and user reviews enable to choose the best places to stay and save your time researching the area.

Finally, I am giving away £14 discount for your first stay! Just follow the link to claim your credit.

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